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We welcome you to our site! Here you can find out what really is the Non-Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (non-autoclaved gasobeton). Where and how it is used, unlike other building materials, and how is its production. Just review our site you then choose and buy the equipment for any production line of NAAC as you like.

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Having considerable experience in design, manufacturing and sale of equipments concerning various areas such as construction materials (including the production of aerated concrete), the management of the company provided you the possibility of direct purchase through Internet,. This is to have the equipments as much as possible simple and accessible.

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Full automatic non-autoclaved aerated concrete production line

Distinctive features of this line

This set of equipment is designed to produce the aerated concrete by conveyor technology - the mixer for aerated concrete is placed fixedly, the molds transfer from pouring point to cutting point, then to warm-up cameras and to unloading. Loading and dosing of components are carried out automatically - the materials through belt and screw conveyors are fed to intermediate hoppers suspended on the tensiometers. Dosing control terminal, in case of reaching required weight, turns off the conveyors. Components are poured into the mixer manually by opening of the bolt. Cutting of a cake is carried out with the automatic cutting installation. The mold represents the platform on the wheels. Movement of the molds on the conveyor is organized through automatic push devices.

Quotation of aerated concrete production line

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