INNTECHGROUP - Equipment for the production of aerated concrete (non-Autoclaved Aerated Concrete)

How to buy the equipment for production of aerated concrete blocks?

To purchase equipment you can contact us any way you want - by phone or e-mail, or send a request directly from the site.

Signing of supply contract

To purchase the equipment it is necessary to sign a supply contract. You can always request a standard contract, and if necessary, through negotiations revise it.

Definition of specification sheet for equipment.

Specification sheet for equipment is an integral part of the contract. The list of equipment specified in the specification sheet is corrected in the implementation of planning of equipments placement on your premises. Often, each hardware configuration is individual. Therefore you can always choose the list of equipment you need. However, we are always ready to make a customized non-standard equipment for you.

Payments under the supply agreement.

As a general rule, payments under the contract are made by non-cash according to outstanding invoices. Prepayment under the contract varies from 30 to 50% of the cost of equipment. At the same time an individual approach and other forms of payment can be provided.

Manufacturing of equipment.

After receiving of payment, we produce the equipment during the period which is determined in the supply contract. Because each hardware configuration is individual, the most of the equipment we do not keep ready in the warehouses. But always make efforts to reduce the time of manufacturing of equipment.

Delivery of the equipment.

Shipping is the most advantageous for you - by container or truck. Company managers choose the best way of delivery by the ratio of the cost and terms.

Starting your production.

Our technicians will carry out the launch of the purchased equipment, production test batch of products, as well as train your staff to operate it properly , and explain all the details of the process to your technologist. We take full responsibility for the performance of your company!

Technical and technological consultations.

Also after successful launch of your production, our experts provide consultations throughout the life of the equipment, both for the technical part of it, and for the production technology. We have successful experience in organizing of such kinds of production, and our technology is profitable to their owners!