INNTECHGROUP - Equipment for the production of aerated concrete (non-Autoclaved Aerated Concrete)

Production Line non-Autoclaved Aerated Concrete capacity 25-50 m3/per day

Technical characteristics 1 shift 2 shifts
daysmonths daysmonths
Productivity, cubic meter. 24,5 637,0 49 1274
Requires recourses        
Cement, t 7,4 191,1 14,7 382,2
Sand, t 7,8 203,8 15,7 407,7
Warm water, cubic meter 6,9 178,4 13,7 356,7
Maintenance staff 9 - 18 -
Power consumption, kW 47,6 1237,6 95,2 2475,2

Requirements for working room
Placement of equipment (t>15C), sq.m from 250
Warm warehouse for products (t>0C), sq.m 80
Providing of water and electricity  

Supplied set includes:

Placement of equipment on your premises - a detailed binding for mounting. 3-D image of lines in your area. Technologists arriving at the site. Selection of an optimal composition of the mixture from your, local raw materials. Training your staff to operate the equipment in correct way.

Production time

Term of production depends on the current workload of production and ranges from 25 to 30 working days.

For a given set it is possible to use the additional equipment

Distinctive features of this line

This set of equipment is designed for the production of aerated concrete by the classical technology - molds to fill are fixed, mixer for aerated concrete moves from point of dosage to molds. Dosing of the components is carried out by weight batches of sand and cement hoppers. Loading of components is carried out by a screw and belt conveyors. Cutting of an array is performed manually by conductor with special saws. The mold represents geometrically exact frame prepared for filling and equipped with elements for fastening the boards. This kit does not require the production of additional equipment and is fully functional.